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Donald Trump Almost Beat Jim Acosta’s Ass Just To Show CNN Who’s The Big Homie on the Block

What Happened?

Donald Trump and the GOP got absolutely murked in the 2018 Midterm Elections and Donny T was in a bit of a mood. When he announced a press conference the following morning, you knew something wild was going to happen and it came in the form of Trump nearly putting his paws on Jim Acosta and wringing his neck for the set.

Yo when my man walked out from behind the podium I thought for sure he was about snuff of Jim Acosta. Look at him stare down his prey but keep his composure. He lost Congress to the blue wave and was ready to risk it all.

Fast forward and now Jim Acosta has said that he’s been denied from entering the White House. Sure. Sounds a lotttt like he forged his parents signature on an F paper and he’s pretending like the Secret Service is rejecting him but in actuality, he’s shook. He’s afraid Donald might finish what he started and knock his teeth out of his cranium.

Sleep with one eye open, Jim.


sidenote: for everyone (wack MAGA losers) saying that Jim Acosta ‘went too far’ and should be fired, chill. He asked a legit question during a press conference. Trump skirted the question immediately and didn’t even try to answer and so Jim tried to ask again.

Trump is the president of the United States currently being investigated for colluding with a nation that is our enemy. He should have to answer those questions. But MAGA folks love to pretend like they’re the victims of everything so Jim Acosta attacked Trump or whatever.

This is why you people are being voted out of office.
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