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Domingo German—The Trash Bag That Publicly Beat His Wife—Is Retiring From Baseball

Domingo German is a former New York Yankees pitcher who was set to miss the entire 2020 MLB season as he was facing a 63 game suspension for beating the hell out of his wife and the Coronavirus-shortened season would only be 60 games so naturally, he decided to take his ball and go home.

Oh no, however will the Yankees and more importantly, the sport of baseball, recover from this massive loss.

In 2019, Domingo German had 18 wins and a 4.03 ERA in 143 innings pitched. He led the team in wins and in a season where every player was injured at some point, German was the most consistent pitcher on the ball club.

Last September, the Yankees held a CC Sabathia retirement party that was also a fundraiser over $1.5 million for charity. German spent that night slapping the mother of his children around in front of his teammates.

Major League Baseball served him an 81 game suspension and he hasn’t pitched a game since. Good. And now the 27-year old who could’ve been a foundational member of the Yankees starting rotation is gone from the sport without any of us giving a single shit. He will be forgotten from team history and his 18 win season will just become some irrelevant trivia answer in a decade.

I’m sure he’ll attempt some bullshit return in a few years only to flail in the minors somewhere and be shoved out of the sport for good.

This isn’t even morality policing. There are just certain behaviors that there must be zero tolerance for. If you attack women, especially women in your life that trust you the most to not hurt them, then you do not get to play Major League Baseball. It should be that simple.

I know we’re supposed to give people second chances or whatever and I recognize that Aroldis Chapman is the closer of the Yankees after strangling his girl but fuck that. Domingo German can go get his second chance working the registers at the local Walmart and Aroldis Chapman’s lungs can burst from COVID-19. In this house we don’t support men who attack women.

SEEEE YAAAAA, Sunday German.


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