Do You Think Kanye West Actually Likes Kim Kardashian?

I want to start off by saying that I’m fully aware these two have been married since 2014 and were dating for years prior to that. I’m not covering new ground by questioning the validity of this relationship but it’s really time to revisit this.

I’ve been watching Keeping Up With The Kardashians all day because while you’re at work, I’m in bed listening to Kris and Kourtney argue over whether or not they should have a key to each other’s mansions that are down the road from one another. Must-see TV.

It’s tough to watch these women interact and not think to yourself how Kanye West fits into this family. Kim and Kanye are polar opposites, which I hear attract but once the honeymoon phase of the relationship is over, what’s a day in the life of Kanye and Kim?

Do you think Kanye West actually likes Kim Kardashian?

Yes, she is the mother of his two children and there’s a very good chance that they truly love each other and blah blah but what do they talk about? What is it like when they’re just hanging out? I assume at this point, the only thing they talk about is Saint and North or like, travel accommodations. Dope.

What’s it like when Kanye brings Kim to the studio and plays ‘New Slaves’ for her? Does she just pretend to smile while she posts a Snapchat story of her staring into the screen with Yeezus playing in the background with the captain ‘In the studio with Kanye’ but she’s really only showing off her makeup for the day.

I guess this is more of an exploration of what Kim Kardashian is truly like when the camera isn’t on her and if Kanye is only with her for her looks.

Here’s a quick breakdown of Kim Kardashian:

That is a candid photo of Kim and her 36-year old post-plastic surgery, 2 child body. Annnd here’s her reaction upon seeing it:


So yea, this is what I imagine life with Kim is like. Everything is about her appearance and by the way, I’m not saying that as a negative. I once dated a girl who didn’t really give a shit about her appearance and that bothered me sooo much. ‘We’re going out in public. You sure you don’t want to like, put on a bra? No? Actually nevermind let’s stay in and get take out.’

Kanye probably appreciates how much Kim cares about her looks. But there’s also something super annoying about knowing that when she’s not holding a baby, she’s holding her phone and is usually on the camera app simply looking at her reflection.

But let’s flip this conversation I’m having with myself and look at it from Kim’s perspective. Does she like Kanye? There’s no way she’s an actual fan other than dancing to ‘Gold Digger’ at lame parties. She’s on her phone a lot. We’ve established this. So she knows that Kanye’s name is trending a lot so there’s definitely a mutual respect for each other but again, what are these two talking about?

Also real quick deep dive but if you’re Kanye West, you lost your mother when she died getting plastic surgery. That’s rough. It obviously shook his life. He paid for the operation and you know for a fact he can’t help but feel responsible.

How does he feel about Kim’s plastic surgery? Wouldn’t you develop a phobia or distance yourself from plastic surgery after that horrific freak accident? If my mom died in a skiing accident, I’m not going out there and dating a professional skier. Are you telling me there’s ZERO resentment about her operations?

I can’t help but think that their marriage is a Game of Thrones-esque combining of houses. House Kardashian and House West coming together is great for the realm. Kim is using Kanye for his seed. The Kardashian line must continue and no one gives a shit about Kourtney’s kids. Kanye needs new access into the fashion world and having Kim on his arm is the key to the lock.

Do you think Kanye West actually likes Kim Kardashian?

It doesn’t matter. They are happy with their arrangement regardless. Uh, good for them. Love is convenience. Long live House Kardashian.






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