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Do The New York Yankees Actually Need Dallas Keuchel?

Last season, Dallas Keuchel had a 12-11 win-loss record with a 3.74 ERA. He also gave up 211 hits which was the most in his career and led the American League.

Most games, he was less effective than a tee ball stand.

There are two reasons why Dallas Keuchel is still a free agent in June:

  1. Signing him prior to this point would mean giving up draft compensation to Houston, of all teams. The Astros are the team to beat this season. No one was in a hurry to strengthen their farm system.
  2. Dallas Keuchel is a 31-year old innings eater whose stuff has seemingly already abandoned him and he wants the contract of an ace, which he hasn’t been since 2016. It’s 2019.

So do the New York Yankees need Dallas Keuchel?

As of today, the Yankees starting rotation consists of Masahiro Tanaka, James Paxton, JA Happ, Domingo German and CC Sabathia.

Paxton and German are both potential No. 1 starters. The problem is, James Paxton has never completed a season without going on the injured list for an extended stretch and this is German’s first full season as a starter so the Yankees have him on an innings limit that would basically end his season in July.

CC Sabathia had heart surgery and his knee is literally melting. It would be shocking if he made it to the postseason healthy.

JA Happ has a 4.83 ERA and even though he’s getting devoured every time he steps onto the mound, the team is still 9-3 in games he starts.

Masahiro Tanaka is the most consistently great pitcher since he debuted.

But let’s not forget that the best pitcher on this team is returning soon. Luis Severino is traveling with the team again and is beginning to throw. If his random shoulder inflammation is over then the Yankees are about to unleash a fresh Severino onto the world.

Yes, the Yankees could add Keuchel. It’s a long season and based off this team’s luck, when Severino gets back, someone else will break an ankle tripping off of the bus.

The biggest benefit to signing Keuchel is that the Yankees wouldn’t have to give anything away. They wouldn’t lose prospects like they would if they were to trade for a starter. They would get a solid No. 3 starter that can consistently pitch 7 innings and save the bullpen.

But we’re talking about the Yankees which means it’s all about the World Series.

Last season, Keuchel started two playoff games. One against Boston and one against Cleveland. In both starts he pitched 5 2-run innings. With the Yankees stacked bullpen, those are perfect outings. Get the team into the 6th inning and let Adam Ottavino, Dellin Betances (eventually), Tommy Kahnle, Zac(K) Britton and Aroldis Chapman handle the game from there.

So yea, sign Dallas Keuchel. Like, yesterday.

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