Did You Guys Know The Boston Red Sox Traded Away Mookie Betts?

The Los Angeles Dodgers are returning to the World Series after the Atlanta Braves blew a 3-1 lead in the NLCS because having a 3-1 lead is apparently the worst position to be in all of sports. Doc Rivers wept.

The Dodgers entered this season as the World Series favorites long before we knew that Americans were going to hear the news that a deadly pandemic was in the air and we all could’ve easily ended it if we all just stayed inside but of course none of did and life is hell.

They were also the favorites before the Boston Red Sox front office all joined forces to send one of the best players in the league out of town because they pretended as if they could not afford to pay him a long term salary.

Not only did the best team in baseball immediately jump on Mookie but they promptly gave him a 12-year $365 million deal in the midst of a quarantine when we weren’t even sure there would be a baseball season this year.

Teams were guaranteed to lose tons of money due to Covid preventing fans from paying $16 for dixie cups of Budweiser and the Dodgers still understood the value of paying the best right fielder in the sport.

It’s interesting how Los Angeles was able to find the money to pay Mookie in a time when no one had money yet somehow, the Boston Red Sox—who are valued at over 3 billion dollars—suddenly had flies coming out of their empty wallets months prior to government shutdowns. Hm.

Imagine trading this guy for *googles* nothing. Moving Mookie Betts in order to maintain payroll flexibility so that one day you can hopefully sign a player that’s as good as Mookie Betts is a bold strategy when you can just, ya know, use that money to sign Mookie Betts but what do I know?

What is the purpose of owning a sports team? If you run a baseball franchise, what is the actual goal? It should be to entertain fans and win games otherwise you should be selling and giving someone else an opportunity who actually cares about baseball.

If you own a baseball team just for the tiny temporary fleeting thrill of telling people at the country club that you own a baseball team and sometimes you talk to Derek Jeter then you are a loser and all of the prostitutes that tell you they like you are lying because they simply want you to continue paying for their rent with your tiny dick.

Mookie Betts is about to win a World Series while Boston finished 12 games below .500 because one of the greatest players in the history of their organization wanted to be paid like one of the greatest players in the history of their organization but they pretended like they were getting by paycheck to paycheck and couldn’t find the money for him.

Pay the players what they deserve. Fuck the Red Sox.

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