Derrick Henry Publicly Executed Josh Norman

The Tennesee Titans and the Buffalo Bills had to play on Tuesday night because everyone on the Titans had coronavirus because of course they did. We’re in a pandemic and football teams are still traveling across the country and just sweating on each other instead of quarantining and like, not spreading the plague.

But the silver lining of this medical calamity is that we were all able to witness a brutal public execution on national TV.

Josh Norman is dead, Derrick Henry murdered him.

derrick henry josh norman

Josh Norman is a 30 year old adult man and Derrick Henry just tossed him like a straw wrapper out of a car window. Cannot believe you can see the bottom of this man’s cleats. He was stiff-armed so hard that he knocked out of orbit and was no longer affected by gravity.

There are going to be a lot of takeaways from the Titans 42-16 beatdown of the Bills. Ryan Tannehill throwing 3 TD passes and rushing for a TD which is coming off the back of universal hate for his former head coach, Adam Gase. Never a great sign for a ‘quarterback whisperer’ when quarterbacks turn into superstars the second they are no longer being held back by your overall incompetence.

People are going to start calling Josh Allen a fraud after throwing two interceptions directly into Malcolm Butler’s chest. Deadseriousness is a Josh Allen geocities fan page so we will not be slandering our favorite black quarterback in the league. He is still the MVP as of now and no one can tell me otherwise.

Don’t let any of the narratives that emerge from this game distract you from the fact that Derrick Henry ragdolled a grown man off his feet. Josh Norman was alive and healthy this morning until he ran into Derrick Henry and now he’ll never get to see his family again.











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