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Derek Jeter and Jeb Bush Are Teaming Up To Purchase The Miami Marlins

The Miami Marlins appear to be drawing interest from two very significant suitors who’ve decided to form an alliance.

New York Yankees legend Derek Jeter and one-time Governor of Florida Jeb Bush, who were both rumored to be interested in launching their own bids for the Marlins, have reportedly joined forces in an attempt to become co-owners of the club, according to Douglas Hanks of the Miami Herald.



Good news: New York Yankees legend, Derek Jeter, may achieve his dream of owning a Major League Baseball franchise.

Bad news: Jeb Bush may own a Major League Baseball franchise.


I don’t actually think that Jeb Bush is a bad guy. He is not a villain in any way. Compared to Donald Trump he is a saint. And that’s the problem. Jeb is a square. First word that comes to my mind when I think of George’s brother? Lame.

I will pay any amount of money to be a fly on the wall every time Derek Jeter and Jeb Bush interact with each other in the same room.

The Miami Marlins might become one of my favorite teams if this deal is struck.





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