Derek Jeter Continues His Relentless Quest To Troll Marlins Fans By Telling Them That The ‘Experience’ is More Valuable Than Winning

Attending Marlins games shouldn’t be about who wins or who losses the game this season. It should be about whether you had a good experience, Jeter told WPLG in Miami.

This is professional sports, and I feel bad for even saying this, but it’s impossible to win every single game. But one thing you always remember is the experience you had while you were at the park. We want it to be a positive experience. We want people to enjoy themselves, and look, a lot of times people come [and] they don’t know who won or lost, sometimes they don’t even know who was playing, but they do know if they had a good experience and that’s what we’re focusing on.”(Yahoo)

In 2003, the New York Yankees lost the World Series to the Florida Marlins. From that moment on, Derek Jeter has dedicated his life to destroying that organization from the inside out.

He traded away Giancarlo Stanton, JT Realmuto, Marcell Ozuna and Christian Yelich for a Gameboy Color and AAA batteries that aren’t even compatible. 4 stars players were shipped out and they didn’t even really get any great prospects out of it.

Now, knowing that there are zero good players on the roster, Jeter is telling the fans that it’s not about winning but it’s about the experience you get from watching a ball game.


The ultimate troll. Scammer’s Hall of Fame inductee. We suck but buy tickets to the game and be sure to stop be the concessions between innings. Get that experience.

He’s selling Marlins fans virtual reality baseball. Everyone on the roster is making minimum wage and Jeter is like ‘come make believe how much fun it would be if we were an actual baseball team’.

Derek Jeter is the greatest Yankees of all time.



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