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Derek Fisher Posted a Photo of Matt Barnes’ Wife on Instagram For Mother’s Day

The Derek Fisher Matt Barnes beef has reached a new gross inappropriate public level as Derek Fisher has posted a photo of Matt Barnes’s wife and his kids in a weird Mother’s Day Instagram post. Again, those are not Derek’s children and that woman is married to another man.

derek fisher gloria glovan

You have to respect Derek Fisher doubling down on being a gigantic dirtbag. Posting a photo of the married woman you had a public affair with and her kids that are not your kids is a SAVAGE move.

Just in case you forgot that Fish was banging Matt Barnes’ wife, here’s a quick Mother’s Day reminder. No one is loving unemployment life more than Fisher. He’s just swimming in Gloria Glovan and he doesn’t care who knows it. Just kidding, he wants everyone to know it.

Jesus, those kids look exactly like Matt Barnes. That’s probably what makes the cucking so fun. Humping Barnes’s wife and then walking out of the room wearing nothing but flip flops to the kitchen to grab a bottle of Essentia water as you head nob to little Matt Barnes look-a-like children.

This Derek Fisher Matt Barnes nonsense has gone on too long and I still don’t understand how this sociopath is still finding time to coach the Knicks between cross country flights to bang Mrs. Barnes and then fly back to Manhattan before Matt can get there and beat his ass.

That’s my coach, I guess. Although it doesn’t appear as though he’s getting a lot of coaching done.



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