Dennis Smith Jr. Vs. Frank Ntlikina

Sooo the Cleveland Cavaliers beat the Dallas Mavericks by 7 points on Saturday night and LeBron James decided to throw shots at the New York Knicks for literally no reason at all by saying that the Knicks should’ve drafted Dennis Smith Jr.

The fuck?

LeBron James is a thirsty bitch that lives for drama. He barely beat the worst team in the NBA and his first thought was to take shots at Frank Ntlikina? Weird move. Dennis Smith is a really good scorer. Cool. You know who else passed up on Smith? The 76ers. The Celtics. The Lakers. The Suns. The Bulls. The Kings. The Magic.

Why the FUCK is LeBron calling out New York?

Sure, Frank Ntilikina isn’t putting up 20 points a night like Dennis Smith is but imagine how annoying it would be to watch Kristaps Porzingis battling in the paint play after play only to see Smith chuck up TWENTY shots a night. The Knicks tried that with Carmelo Anthony. Hard pass on Dennis Smith. FEED Porzingis.

I’d 1000% rather have Frank Ntilikina slap the floor on defense like Tom Izzo’s wet dream then have Dennis Smith cherry picking on fastbreaks for easy dunks on the other end. Dennis Smith is a better scorer but the French Prince is a better overall player and is perfect for the New York Knicks.

I still have no idea why LeBron is being a little thot in his postgame interviews but Cleveland comes to town on Monday and LEBRON BETTER HAVE THAT SAME ENERGY WHEN KRISTAPS PORZINGIS IS DUNKING ON HIS CRANIUM.




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