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Dennis Smith Jr and Knowing When You Just Suck

This week the Knicks announced that they would be sending Dennis Smith Jr to the G-League upon his own request. Smith has played in 3 games this season. 28 minutes. 9 points. Absolute irrelevance.

You’d think this would be the year Dennis The Menace (To backboards) would step up and earn some playing time. There’s a brand new front office. Brand new coaching staff. And Elfrid fucking Payton above you on the depth chart.

But nope. In those 28 minutes of playing time, he shot 2-for-10 from the field including 0-for-4 from 3. Personally, I think shooting 20% from the field is bad in both the NBA AND the G-League but what do I know.

DSJ was a key part of a deal between the Knicks and the Mavs that sent Kristaps Porzingis to Dallas like, 24 hours before he was accused of rape—odd coincidence—in exchange for some first round draft picks and Smith Jr.

His rookie season he averaged 15.2 points per game. He also shot 39% from the field and just put shotgun sized holes through backboards. He had the explosiveness of Russell Westbrook. And also the horrible shot selection of Russell Westbrook.

Thankfully, Dallas drafted Luka Doncic to run their offense and once again, Dennis is getting replaced by a rookie as Immanuel Quickley has instantly proven to be a better basketball player than Dennis Smith Jr.

So congrats to DSJ for recognizing that he sucks at basketball and can’t get playing time over Austin Rivers.

We all need to take a valuable lesson from this. It’s important to know your limitations. It’s important to know when you suck.

I’m a terrible writer and I recognized that early which is why I created Deadseriousness. After being rejected by every media company on the internet, I took a step back, one deep sigh, let out an ‘I suck’, and Googled ‘How to start a website’.

Everyone at Barstool Sports is what Elfrid Payton is to Dennis Smith. I should be more successful than them. I can jump higher and dunk but nope, I must go to the G-League. And that’s okay because that self-awareness but save our careers.




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