Deadseriousness Halloween Drinking Game

Halloween is upon us so here’s a last minute Halloween article because page views. Every year you see the same lame ass shit whether you’re at a bar or a house party or alone. If you need a quick and easy drinking game that will guarantee you blackout tonight, here is the official Deadseriousness Halloween drinking game.



1 Drink

  • Every time you see a chick in a lazy/lame cat costume
  • If you have the best costume at the bar. You earned a victory sip.
  • When you see that one asshole wearing black face and you don’t confront him about it
  • If you spent more than $30 on your costume.

2 Drinks

  • Every time someone is carrying a prop with their costume and has to awkwardly put it down to do stuff.
  • If you see someone who is STILL wearing an Alan from the Hangover costume.
  • Whenever you see a costume that’s a pop culture reference. Any Cosby, Pizza Rat, etc.

3 Drinks

  • If you’re the asshole who shows up to a Halloween party without a costume. Start drinking.
  • Every time you see someone with the same costume as you.
  • When you realize you’ve spent more time on your phone then you have looking at slutty costumes.


  • If you spent hours on doing zombie makeup and by midnight it’s smeared everywhere.
  • If you’re blessed enough to hear ‘Monster Mash’ play at some point.
  • When you realize it’s Daylight’s Saving Time and you get a free hour.

Finish the Bottle

  • If no one understands your costume. You’re not clever, you’re trying too hard. Drink.
  • If/when you see a nipple.
  • If you stayed home to watch the World Series. Totally hope it was worth it, man.
  • Because you’re freezing and can’t find your phone.


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