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Deadseriousness Best 50 Albums of 2018

30. Matty- dejavu

Syd Barrett is my favorite musician of all time. He was the lead singer of Pink Floyd, then had a mental breakdown and had to move back home with his parents where he would spend the remainder of his days basically brain dead. Matty had to leave the band BADBADNOTGOOD because he had a mental breakdown and moved back with his parents. I like Matty.



29. Hinds – I Don’t Run

Every now and then a band comes around that sounds like they have no idea how to play instruments or how to sing or how to make an album and the end result is a great album. Meet Hinds, a group of women whose imperfections are their best quality.



28. J Cole- KOD

I had to put J Cole on this list or else his fans would break my legs.



27. JID – DiCaprio 2

JID freestyles live in my Youtube recommendations so I was aware this cat could spit for a while now but there’s a huge difference between rapping with Tony Touch and actually putting together a good album. DiCaprio 2 is fire emoji.



26. Robyn – Honey

I’ve had a staring contest with this album cover for the last 6 hours. If this article never sees that light of day it’s because I’m not about to blink. I. Don’t. Lose.



25. Lil Baby- Harder Than Ever

I want to be a hipster so badly and pretend like I’ve known Lil Baby before he came out with that Drak feature this year but I would never lie to you guys. But I am now all in on Lil Baby. ‘Wah Wah Wah, bitch I’m Lil Baby’ is the BAR of the year.



24. Young Thug – On The Rvn

on the rvn

Young Thug is lowkey having a tragic year as he’s been in and out of jail and courtroom on wack gun charges. Young Thung is the greatest rapper alive. If he wants to have guns, let him have guns. It’s 2018. Everyone has one. Thugger dropped a lot of heat, as always, but On The Rvn stands out because he gave that new up and coming artist, Elton John, a feature. What a great guy.

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23. Pusha T- Daytona

Kanye West dropped 5 albums in 5 weeks. They were all trash outside of this Pusha T album. You really have to give Push a round of applause for breaking through those MAGA beats that Kanye was cooking up in Wyoming.



22. Janelle Monae – Dirty Computer

Janelle Monae represents one of the most forgotten groups of people in the world: gay black women. Dirty Computer gives me the most gay pride that heterosexual man can have. Also, shout out Brian Wilson. This wasn’t the collab we deserved but it’s the collab we all needed.



21. Jay Rock – Redemption

Two years ago if you asked me who the best rapper in TDE is was I would’ve said Ab-Soul with no doubts about it. After listening to Redemption, if you asked me who Ab-Soul is and would respond “I don’t know her’.


Written by Deadseriousness


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