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Dead Serious Mailbag: There Are Too Many Hot Girls

I always see so many attractive girls and sometimes I want each and every one of them. I do have one girl I plan on talking to and hopefully asking out eventually, but there are so many distractions. How do I tune out the other girls? I feel bad when I want to date this one girl but I also find myself liking a bunch of others.


Dead Serious Mailbag is BAAAAACK *airhorn airhorn aiiirhooorn*. As I’m sure you already know, you can send all of your questions and concerns to and I totally won’t read any of them unless they are as long or shorter than the email above. Keep it brief. I don’t care about all the details from your second date. She’s not into you. Move on.

I love this question exclusively because of the throwaway line of ‘I do have one girl I plan on talking to and asking out eventually’. I feel you, man. I’m sure there’s a girl patiently waiting next to her phone waiting for you to finally hit her up when you’re done eyeing every hot girl you see.

How do you tune out other girls? I don’t have much advice other than ‘chill’. I don’t know where you are that you’re being suffocated with 10’s but like, take it easy. Take a step back and remember that all these hot girls are humans as well and they poop once a day just like you do.

But to be serious for the first time in 2018, I somewhat understand what you’re saying. There are a lot of options out there for a young man in the game trying to get his penis touched and maybe hold hands and stuff.

Here’s a quick reminder though in case you’re out with your lady friend and you’re looking around the bar at all of the other hot gals there: None of them want you, guy. It’s really easy to avoid being ‘distracted’ by other girls when you realize that they don’t give any shits about you.

Girls are not looking at you and your friends and thinking to themselves ‘ugh, there are too many hot guys in the world. How do I stay loyal?’. You are nothing to them. You are an annoying obstacle that happens to be standing between them and the front door. Please move aside and stop staring, you creep.

Last piece of advice: Fap. Before you go out into the world, fap. Get all of that evil out of you. Destroy your sex drive before you enter an environment where you know there will be a bunch of women.

Actually, before anyone sends me anything in the Dead Serious Mailbag just fap first. That is the answer to all of your problems. Fap.






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