Dak Prescott is in Trouble For Giving Out Fake Autographs

Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott has been “accused of using a machine to sign his autograph for memorabilia company selling to collectors instead of signing himself,” according to Darren Rovell of

“They had a very machine-like feel,” Steve Grad, the principal authenticator of Beckett Grading Services, said of five autographed Prescott cards from the Panini 2016 Prizm set. “You could see the starts and stops.”

“I immediately knew they were autopen,” he added. “I’ve never heard of a modern athlete doing this.”


What type of NFL Superstar would ever profit off of fake autographs. There is not a single player, especially in the NFC East, that would ever get involved in such an embarrassing scandal. I know everyone on the New York Giants is looking down at Dak Prescott in shame. How dare you, Dak.

My favorite part of this report is this ‘expert’ saying ‘I immediately knew they were autopen’. I want nothing more than to be there when all of the memorabilia came in and this guy open up the package to see obviously fake signatures on everything.

I also want to briefly point out that autographs are meaningless and this is all stupid and thankfully the quarterback my quarterback, Eli, would never do such a thing.




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