Cute English Teacher Arrested For Banging Various Students After School

Virginia Hinckley, 28, has been on paid leave since the end of 2015 when she was reportedly pregnant with her first child. 

She was charged with having sex with one of the boys, a 16-year-old who said he got “flirty” with his English teacher days after the start of a new term. 

She ended up giving him her phone number before they swapped texts and nude selfies which included shots of her breasts and “other body parts,” he said. 

The teenager told investigators they started kissing and touching when he went to her classroom after lessons finished. 

Hinckley suggested they went to a quiet park where they kissed in her SUV before they had oral and unprotected sex on the back seat, he said.

She later texted him: “You better keep your mouth shut about this.”




Well, unfortunately for Ms. Virginia Hinckley, the boys didn’t ‘keep their mouths shut about this’ because you can’t bang a 16-year old boy and expect him to not go into school the next day and tell every single chick that didn’t text him back over the summer.

New rule, you are not allowed to sleep with anyone who describes nude photos you send them as ‘other body parts’. If they’re too afraid to say ‘vagina’ then they’re probably too young to bang in your SUV after school.

Shout out to this kid though for convincing her to let him hump without a condom. That’s a veteran move and he pulled it off day one.[1. real recognize real, my brother.] Either he’s a baller or Ms. Hinckley thinks 16-year old’s can’t get her pregnant which is another reason why you probably shouldn’t bang someone you don’t think is old to reproduce.

I’m glad to get another disgusting pedophile off of the streets.





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