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Curt Schilling, One of the Dumbest Humans on Earth, Calls Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez ‘Stupid’

What Happened?

Soooo to break down the most one-sided fight in political history, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez called out the hypocrisy of public criticism of everything she says and does because of her age while Paul Ryan was praised for being a young political genius when he was 28.

Curt Schilling wanted to add his super precious opinion and called her the most ‘unintelligent’ person in our government.

Let me just quickly say that whether you agree with Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s political beliefs or not, you have to applaud everything she accomplished before the age of 30.

There is an overall reluctance to acknowledge women as geniuses but whenever Kanye West drops a sweatshirt that’s just a burlap sack with arm holes that costs $200, we’re all like ‘wow WHAT A GENIUS’

I should probably also point out that Curt Schilling tried to create a company in Rhode Island and essentially robbed the state of $75 million and had to sell all of his shit to help pay for it.

If you are a smart successful baseball player, then you don’t file for bankruptcy and have a yard sale on your front lawn selling memorabilia, you fool.

AOC has been in office for a few weeks and she’s already having her intelligence questioned and every outfit she wears gets scrutinized. Yo, YOUR president can’t read. What are we doing here?

Dear conservatives, you cannot question anyone’s intelligence when you elected a man who doesn’t know more words than an elementary school student and who doesn’t understand consent.




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