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Couple Rushed To Hospital After Guy Gets Head Stuck in Wife’s Vagina

A couple from a Alabama in US ended up in a hospital after their attempts at taking sex to another level resulted in a shocking accident. Samantha Irving had to call an ambulance as her husband’s head was stuck in her vaginal cavity causing excruciating pain whenever he moved.

One of the paramedics who helped the couple out of their ordeal said the man was also struggling as he had half of his face buried in his wife’s vagina. The couple was finally separated and while the man suffered few scratches and bruises, the woman is said to be stable despite internal bleeding.



From now on whenever a girl calls me out for never going down on them, I will just send them a link to this article. “SEE, it’s not safe.” This is going to save me a crucial 10 minutes and an embarrassing hospital trip in the future.

Either this guy had no idea what he was doing or Samantha Irving is a very demanding lover. I assume she was just pushing his face down there til he eventually he just said ‘fuck it’ and shoved his whole head in there.

This is why you have to stick to the formula: missionary. That’s how our lord intended it to go. None of this wild cunnilingus craziness. Good ol’ fashioned missionary. It’ll keep you out of the hospital. I think I just wrote the slogan to advertise the missionary position: ‘it’ll keep you out of the hospital’. I’ll take that check now.




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