Couple Gets Blackout Drunk and Make 9-Year Old Son Drive Them Home

Date night is a HUGE deal. You bust your hump working all week, you deserve a chance to go out and grab some drinks with that special someone. Sometimes you go a little too hard at happy hour and realize you can’t drive home. Well Amanda Eggert and her bae, James Roth got shitfaced and made a very responsible decision. They decided to force Eggert’s 9-year old son to give them a lift.


[su_quote cite=”Independent” url=””]Police were alerted about erratic driving on rural roads with reports of a truck weaving in and out of oncoming traffic for several miles, according to the Metro.

Deputy Jeff Hahn told the court there was also an 11-month-old baby strapped into a car seat in the vehicle, Fox 29 reported. “As the nine-year-old exited the truck, it was still running and in drive when Mr Roth was sitting in the truck by himself,” he said.[/su_quote]


You can look at this story in several different lenses but I think we need to stop and applaud this 9-year old for having the wherewithal to not leave his 11-month old younger sibling in the house alone and strap him into the baby seat securely. This 9-year old is ready to have children of his own and considering how frequently his parents leave him alone, he might be making children any day now.

Before I pat him on the back too hard, I have to point out that his driving is despicable. You’ve got a baby in the backseat, drive responsibly. Maybe stay in your lane if you can. Yes, I assume Amanda Eggert was blackout drunk and backseat driving but you still have to maintain focus on the road. Eyes two cars ahead. Eggert should be arrested because her son is a shitty driver.


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