Couple Arrested After Their Narc Ass Baby Hands Their Drugs To a Cop in a Traffice Stop

What Happened?

A toddler surprised officers during a traffic stop when she handed them a bag of drugs and paraphernalia, police said.

State troopers stopped a car Thursday and noticed the 3-year-old girl was not properly secured in the back seat, police said.

“The little girl reached under the front seat and retrieved a zippered pouch,” police said in a release. “She opened it and held it up so the trooper could see the contents.”

Inside was a bag of marijuana and drug paraphernalia.

Scott Hill, 26, and Megan Karl, 33, were arrested and charged with endangering the welfare of a child, police said. Hill was also charged with possession of marijuana.



Scott Hill and Megan Karl were absolutely screwed on every level by the system here and now they’re in jail because they’re punk ass baby was a little snitch and ratted them out to the cops for having a little weed in the car.

Let’s breakdown the levels of nonsense that put Scott Hill and Megan Karl behind bars:

1. They were pulled over because their two-faced 3-year old daughter was playing with her seatbelt and a police officer wanted to check and make sure she was safe. All she had to do was just sit in the back seat of the car and nap like every other toddler on a car ride ever but nope, homegirl wanted trouble.

2. The second the cop asked for license and registration that little baby yanked their secret stash of weed and handed it to the cop as if they had been working together in this uncover drug sting from day one. How am I supposed to believe that this baby knew that the contents of that bag would send her parents to jail unless she had been on the local precinct’s payroll already?

3. It’s 2018, man. How are we still doing weed arrests? I get that the rules and standards change when there are children involved but again, it’s weed. No one smokes weed and beats their kid. No one smokes weed and forgets to feed their baby. In fact, they smoke weed and start feeding that baby even more than usual.


This whole thing stinks. Free Scott Hill and Megan Karl.




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