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Clint Frazier Sucks

The New York Yankees had a chance to sweep the Boston Red Sox out of the Bronx and send them 10.5 games back in the AL East and instead of sending the Red Sox to their graves, Clint Frazier decided to step up and remind the world that he’s quite literally the worst defender in Major League Baseball.

The Yankees were down 3-2 entering the 7th inning of a very winnable baseball game. David Price was giving the Yankees work, a rare sight, but Boston has one of the worst bullpens in baseball so again, a one-run lead was in no way insurmountable.

Luis Cessa was pitching with one out and then Clint Frazier decided it was time to take matters into his own hand and give Boston the W.

This bitch.


Clint Frazier is -11 in Outs Above Average which is a stat that basically indicates how many outs a fielder has saved compared to the rest of his peers. Sort of like WAR. Frazier’s -11 OAA is dead last. He’s the worst defender in the entire sport.

There are 91 outfielders with at least 250 defensive innings played. Clint Frazier’s -8 Defensive Runs Saved is ranked 89th, again, out of 91 qualifying players. This guy STINKS.

Now, it should be mentioned that offensively, he’s done a great job filling in for Judge and Stanton, or at least, the best job a prospect can do in that situation.

Frazier has 10 homers with 28 RBIs while slashing .272/.319/.517. These are borderline all-star stats as of now.

And then he puts a baseball mitt on his hand and he turns into a little leaguer who’s afraid of fly balls.

Everyone is attacking the young man which reminds me of last season when Yankees fans decided they were officially done with Greg Bird.

I defended the hell out of Greg Bird. Way better defense than Clint Frazier showed on Sunday night against the Red Sox. Their two stories are quite parallel.

Greg Bird was the Prince Who Was Promised. In 2015, Bird came out of nowhere to hit 11 homers in 46 games. He pretty much ended Mark Teixeira’s career.

Then injuries took opportunities away from him and all of a sudden Aaron Judge and Gary Sanchez emerged as superstars and the team traded for Giancarlo Stanton thus raising expectations through the roof. World Series Championship or bust.

Greg Bird came up with Judge and Sanchez and Severino and Betances but had to watch them become stars as he was in a walking boot or his shoulder was in a sling.

It makes total sense that Bird is both physically and mentally nothing these days.

I refuse to give Clint that same leeway.

Yes, he shares the injury woes with Bird but some of Frazier’s pain is self-inflicted. If he wasn’t such a try-hard weirdo who sucks at defense, he wouldn’t have suffered a concussion running into a wall.

He’s not a homegrown prospect that played alongside Judge in AA and AAA. He was traded from the Cleveland Indians for Andrew Miller and it was reported that the first thing he did was ask to wear Mickey Mantle’s number. Zero major league games played. My man wanted to wear No. 7. Ok.

I don’t want to say that Clint Frazier is super unlikable but there’s something very aesthetically pleasing about how smooth Gary Sanchez and Gleyber Torres play while Clint Frazier is white knuckling it the whole time.

Watching him play gives me anxiety. His short little quick swing that Brian Cashman raves for ‘legendary bat speed’ is gross looking. His specialty cleats would be cool on honestly any other player on the team but for whatever reason, Frazier’s shoes are wack as hell.

At this point, continuing to play Frazier does nothing but tank his trade value. The Yankees have two pitchers you can trust: Masahiro Tanaka and Domingo German, so it’s safe to say they need to pull the trigger and bring in another arm.

Clint Frazier’s offensive numbers are enough to trick a team into believing they can fix his defense but if he continues to single-handedly blow games in right field, the Yankees will be lucky to trade him to the Cincinnati Reds to get Sonny Gray back.

Get Clint Frazier OUUUUT of here.

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