Who Should the Yankees Trade For a Starting Pitcher: Clint Frazier or Gleyber Torres?

Gleyber Torres has recently been called up to AAA Scranton and he had a hit in his first night up. He is the second best prospect in all of baseball and as an infielder, the Derek Jeter comparisons are already raining in for the 20-year old with the weird ass first name.

In 40 AAA games this season, Clint Frazier is batting .248 with 7 home runs and 27 RBIs. Brian Cashman has praised Frazier for having the fastest bat speed he has ever seen. That’s 1000% not true but I love how much he has faith in Frazier and I can see Clint blasting a bajillion home runs in the new Yankee Stadium. [1. Might as well set up ‘Frazier’s Chambers’ next to Aaron Judge’s.]

But the Yankees starting rotation is straight up trash. The ace of the staff, Masahiro Tanaka, is leading all American League starters with the most runs allowed. Not great. None of their starters can go longer than 6 innings and although Michael Pineda is having an exceptionally better season this year than last year, I do not trust that man. There is nothing Pineda loves more than throwing fastballs down the center of the plate.

But which top prospect should the Yankees trade?

From the moment the Yankees traded Aroldis Champan for Gleyber Torres, I assumed the plan was to flip him for a top pitcher. That plan became even more obvious after the offseason came and went and the Yankees didn’t sign a pitcher.

You can get sooo much treasure for Torres but here’s the problem, Chase Headley. Outside of Alex Rodriguez, the Yankees have never really had a cornerstone third baseman and Headley is straight garbage at this point in his career. He has the self esteem of a burn victim. Gleyber could come up this season and usurp that starting role.

I love Clint Frazier because I love home runs. I’m also not a juvenile fan that believes that Yankees can just go out and sign any player that want anymore. George Steinbrenner no longer runs this team. After barely getting out of those A-Rod and Teixeira contracts, the front office is in no hurry to drop cash bombs on player’s front doors.

Cliff Lee, David Price[2. My arch nemesis.], Troy Tulowitzki. All top players who Yankees fans just assumed would move to the Upper West Side and spend the rest of their lives in pinstripes. Nope. I say all of that to say, Bryce Harper probably isn’t coming. Clint Frazier could step up in left field and replace Brett Gardner next season.

But here’s the thing, I think it’s far easier for the Yankees to sign an outfielder to replace Gardner than it is for them to find a new third baseman. Bobby Abreu, Gary Sheffield, Kenny Lofton, Carlos Beltran. All the Yankees do is sign outfielders. We’re good. They need a starting pitcher and they need to send Clint Frazier to like, Oakland for Sonny Gray.





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