Chance The Rapper Is a Loser

When Chance The Rapper isn’t busy making mediocre music for JC Penny’s back to school commercials are hosting shows on Quibi that zero people watch, he’s on Twitter humiliating himself in order to defend Kanye West and his destructive politics.

In the middle of either a bi polar episode or blowing thin lines of coke (or both), Kanye announced that he’s going to be running for president and the entire world rolled his eyes. At the 2015 MTV VMA’s, Kanye announced he was planning on running for president and we all got our jokes off and pretty much ignored him.

Then Donald Trump won and Kanye was snuggling up in his arms like a teddy bear only to use that attention he got from wearing a MAGA hat and saying that slavery was a choice to roll out a trash album.

After releasing a new single, there are rumors that Kanye has another album coming so this lazy out-of-touch sociopath is once again going back to the well and has announced he wants to run in 2020.

Chance The Rapper has decided to support his friend no matter what and hopped into politics for seemingly the first time in his life as he posted very juvenile low IQ little boy questions to his millions of followers.

Now, let me be clear that this is not about to be an article where I defend Joe Biden. He shouldn’t be the Democratic nominee as he has all of the dementia and his 90’s crime bill accelerated the prison industrial complex that people are currently in the streets marching against. He is the ultimate cop in a moment in which we should be abolishing the police entirely. Fuck Joe Biden.

That being said, Chance The Rapper skipped every class this semester and showed up on the last day before the Finals asking the dumbest questions possible because he did zero of the reading or work the rest of us have done.

Yes, Biden is trash but where were you when Bernie Sanders was beggingggg to give us free health care?

A lot of people are just jumping into this election as if there weren’t months of debates and primaries that led to Biden stealing the nomination. And now you think Kanye West is somehow going to save black people? The man who said slavery was a choice after admitting to getting plastic surgery to the TMZ guy is going to provide us with the equality we deserve? Is that what’s happening, CHANCE?

“I trust my friend to be president more than Joe Biden” is a cool thing to say as you pass a blunt around at your dirty apartment playing Madden with your boys. Kanye is a man who praised Candace Owens for her wildly dangerous rhetoric. Owens is a black woman who is anti-black lives matters and serves as a shield for the alt-right to say ‘see, we’re not racist. Our black friend said it first’.

Again, if you wanted revolutionary action then you should’ve been this loud about Bernie who was actually offering people a better life while Joe Biden just tells us that we better vote for him or we’re not black.

But Kanye West is such a ridiculous option that you are negating whatever point you are attempting to make. With everyone questioning the mental health of Trump and Biden, certainly you can’t believe a man whose wife has the local mental institution on speed dial ready to send him away at any given moment will somehow be a safer choice.

Oh, and Kanye is an anti-vaxxer and pro life so his politics are legitimately dangerous. When talking about police brutality in a recent Forbes interview, Kayne used the bullshit dismissive liberal talking point of ‘well, there are black cops too’. Ah, so you don’t plan on doing anything. Awesome, thanks for coming Kanye.

The only thing that ended Chance’s nonsense was a cosign from Terry Crewsthe black man who is terrified of ‘black supremacy’.

New rule: if you’re a celebrity with a massive following, maybe read up on topics the way the rest of us do before Twitting dumb shit. You have Google just like the rest of us. Use it.

You never want to be on the same side of history as Terry Crews.



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