Celebrities Are Just Like Us: 5 Celebrities You Might See In a Casino

The most glamorous casinos in Las Vegas, Monte Carlo and Atlantic City have always attracted celebrities. They’re just normal people after all, so they want to let their hair down in normal ways – the only difference is the disposable income they have to splash when they’re gaming. Many celebs set themselves up in private gambling rooms, so the public don’t get to hear about their gaming antics – but here are five of the world’s most famous faces who love to hit the tables.

1. Prince Harry

While he may have calmed thanks to his allegedly imminent engagement to Suits star Megan Markle, Harry is reportedly a huge fan of Las Vegas. On a trip in 2011, Harry, a select few friends and an army of minders and body guards booked into the $2.7 billion, Conde Nast Gold List Wynn Resort and Casino and proceeded to enjoy a wild weekend in the desert. Although the party racked up a $30,000 room bill that included games of craps and lots of Jägermeister cocktails, Prince Harry apparently didn’t pay a penny, with billionaire owner Steve Wynn allegedly picking up the bar bill. Who knows, Prince Harry may now have an account with an online casino so he can stay out of the limelight while he plays his favourite games.

2. Ben Affleck

It’s official, Batman is a big gambler and with a bankroll that would likely match Bruce Wayne’s riches, one of the best paid actors in Hollywood has built a reputation as a high roller and sometimes big loser.

Rumoured to play card games with other Hollywood superstarsbehind closed doors, Affleck is a true gambler and has even appeared at the World Series of Poker with friend and fellow gambling enthusiast Matt Damon. He has however managed to find himself on the ‘banned’ list of a few gaming houses before, thanks to a card counting incident at the Hard Rock in Las Vegas that saw him being removed from the gaming floor altogether. 

Speaking to Details Magazine, Affleck explained: “I took some time to learn the game and became a decent blackjack player. And once I became decent, the casinos asked me not to play blackjack.”

Card counting is a controversial topic and it’s certainly frowned upon by casinos. It’s easy to see why, when someone masters the art of card counting, it is easy for the blackjack player to determine whether the next hand is likely to give an advantage to the player or to the dealer – the player can then react accordingly and bet with more confidence.

Perfecting the art of counting cards can take a lot of time and it certainly carries some risk, but as Affleck found out – it can be very profitable. 

3. Floyd Mayweather Junior

Easily the richest boxer of all time and one of the richest sportsmen ever to have lived, Floyd isn’t exactly modest when it comes to flashing his cash. Alongside the sports cars, watches worth as much as the average house and endless supplies of trainers, Floyd has also revealed he likes to play with his money in the casino. 

The playboy lifestyle wouldn’t be complete without a bit of reckless betting and the rumour is that Blackjack is Money Mayweather’s game of choice. With reports of bets as high as $100,000 per hand and endless Instagram posts with photos of his winnings in casinos like the MGM Grand, Wynn and Bellagio, you’ll be hard pushed to find a gambler out there who can win or lose $100K and still play it cool.

4. Paris Hilton

This interesting story comes from the Vegas back pages and tells of the young starlet who was paid £100,000 for a DJ’ing job in the early 2000s, before taking her pay cheque, which is a drop in the ocean compared to her earnings as an actress, musician, reality TV star and, well, adult video star, and turning it into half a million dollars. She allegedly lost the lot after a few hours, but it didn’t put her off a return to Vegas, with her Twitter account boasting a $30,000 dollar win on her birthday back in 2012.

5. Michael Jordan

With rumours that his early retirement and return to basketball was to do with a secret gambling ban by the NBA, it has now emerged that the basketball legend is a serious gambler. By that we mean he will gamble on literally anything, including ‘friendly’ games of golf that have resulted in losses in the hundreds of thousands of dollars. Jordan is regularly spotted all over Las Vegas, but it is his sons who have been in the limelight recently, with alleged $80,000 losses at the 3,000 room Polynesian-themed Mirage Casino Resort.

In summary

While celebrities could easily play online casino games to keep away from their fans and the paparazzi, it seems many love to be out on the real floor, playing in brick-and-mortar establishments. It may seem like madness to us, but when celebrities are earning millions of dollars sometimes in a week, who can blame them for going a bit mad in the casino? Let’s be honest, we do exactly the same, just on a much smaller scale. And without the private jets. Or $1,000 bottles of Champagne.

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