CC Sabathia Resigning With The New York Yankees Is The Final Piece To Win The 2018 World Series

It’s happened. The final piece of the most beautiful puzzle. Does any other team stand a chance against the New York Yankees? Take this roster that was one game away from the World Series last year and replace Chase Headley and Starlin Castro with Giancarlo Stanton and Gleybor Torres. Yup, I’d be screaming ’28 CHAMPIONSHIPS’ to anyone that will listen.

CC Sabathia finished last season with a 14-5 record and a 3.69 ERA but most importantly he was a monster in the postseason. He was 9-0 with a 1.71 ERA. There is no player more clutch than CC. Last week I said he’d be dead to me if he signed with the Blue Jays and I just want to apologize for that. I was only kidding, man. You know I love you.

Plus, and this is worst case scenario, if that knee acts up on him again, it’s the perfect opportunity to bring in an Ace like Zack Greinke or Gerit Cole at the trade deadline. If you look at the current starting rotation, if you wanted to bring in a new arm, the only way they could fit into the rotation is if someone gets hurt and again, if anyone is going to get hurt it’s CC.

So to recap, if he stays healthy and makes it to the playoffs, he’s going to turn into the Terminator. If he gets hurt, he opens the door for Greinke to burst through and join Tanaka and Sonny Gray in an unstoppable rotation.

I’ll see you all at 2018 World Series parade.



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