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Cardi B Saying ‘ I Will Dog Walk You’ To Tomi Lahren is the Best Moment of Cardi’s Career

Everything in the past 18 months has led up to this moment. Cardi B vs. Tomi Lahren. Two people who represent the complete polar opposite sides of the Internet spectrum.

Tomi Lahren is the voice of people who want to have sexual intercourse with their firearms and Cardi B is the voice of literally everyone else. The Immovable Object vs. some blonde bitch who gets her information from those articles that old people share on Facebook that are clearly from fake websites and Russian bots.

Cardi B posted a video shitting on the Trump Regime and their government shutdown that is effecting thousands of government employees’s lives all because he refuses to give up on building a wall that isn’t needed and will cost billions upon billions of dollars.

Tomi Lahren attempted to throw shots and now I want nothing more than to see Cardi ‘dog walk’ Tammy Laryngitis. I’m not entirely sure what that means but it’s the most hilarious and terrifying threat I’ve ever heard.

Remember when people used to try to call Cardi dumb and mock her for speaking like every woman from the Bronx speaks? Fast forward to 2019 and she is able to speak more eloquently about political issues than Kanye West can.

I know Cardi isn’t old enough to run for president yet but I’ll wait. I have time. She already has my vote. Actually, anyone that’ll give me healthcare has my vote. Also anyone that will ‘dog walk’ Tony Larussa.




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