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Captain Marvel Will Take Place in the 90’s Co-Starring Nick Fury With No Eye-Patch

During Marvel’s Comic-Con panel, the studio dropped some interesting reveals for Brie Larson’s upcoming Captain Marvel movie. For starters, we now know that the movie will be a ‘90s-set prequel to the rest of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and though we already knew that Samuel L. Jackson will be reprising his role as Nick Fury in the movie, we now know something shocking about how he’ll look in the movie: Apparently, Fury will still have both eyes, meaning Captain Marvel may reveal why he wears that iconic and stylish eyepatch in the other films.

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This sounds both extremely cool and extremely lame at the same time. It’s going to be cool to see a pre-Avengers MCU without Iron suits of chaos and gods of Thunder plus the forced Saved By The Bell-esque 90’s neon colors.

You also have to love that we’re basically getting a Nick Fury origin story which is not something that anyone really needs but I trust Marvel will make an interesting story that we care about. They are prettyyy good at that. Just ask Sony how they feel about Marvel’s ‘notes’ for Spider-Man.

The only potential problem that comes to mind is that we may see a super hero movie starring Carol Danvers but without Captain Marvel. In the comics, Carol Danvers gets her powers after an accident involving alien race, The Krees, and slips into a coma. She wakes up with Kree powers and becomes a super hero. What if this movie ends with her coma and she doesn’t wake up until Avenger Infinity War? LAME.


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