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Captain Marvel Producer Says Film is Inspired By Terminator 2 Sooo This Is About To Be Greatest Movie Ever

It feels weird calling it a genre but the genres is 90s action movie. Like if you think about movies like Robocop or Total Recall or Terminator 2 or Independence Day I think there are common action movie threads you can tease through those movies which are what we’re trying to pick up on in this movie.


Every day, there is new information about Captain Marvel and every day I am more and more hyped to see the most badass woman in the Marvel Universe finally get her opportunity to beat up aliens.

Today we’re learning that it’s inspired by 90’s action classics like Terminator, which might be the best action movie ever. My goal in life is to have biceps as jacked as Linda Hamilton’s in that movie when she’s shooting robots in the face.

90’s action movies were the best because they were so over the top ridiculous but everyone from the actors to the directors were deadass serious. There’s literally a woman in Total Recall with three boobs and it isn’t even a little ironic.

If Carol Danvers ends up having three boobs then can we just anoint this as the greatest movie ever and stop talking about Citizen Kane forever, a movie that historically is without a single three-boobed woman? Alright, cool.

Just replace Arnold Schwarzenegger with Samuel L Jackson and replace that little kid with some green alien or Jude Law and you can have all of my money. I mean shit, you can do a shot for shot remake of Terminator 2 and just paste Captain Marvel in the background and I’d still be there opening day for this.




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