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Can The New York Giants Win a Shootout Against The New Orleans Saints?

This Sunday afternoon, the Saints come marching into the Meadowlands to battle the New York Giants which could be a game that defines the Giants season and set the course for the remainder of the year.

The Giants are 1-2 after beating the brakes off the Houston Texans last week. It was the perfect game to restore Eli Manning’s confidence and to get the defense and most specifically, the pass rush, back into their proper form.

And now the Giants play the New Orleans Saints.

The Saints are currently averaging 34.7 points per game. The Giants haven’t scored over 30 points in three seasons. New Orleans just put up 42 points on the Atlanta Falcons and Drew Brees is completing 80% of his passes.

The Saints offense is walking in with two loaded AK-47’s and Drew Brees is bringing his bazooka.

The last time the Giants and the Saints played, the Saints won a 52-49 True Romance style massive shootout. Eli Manning tossed 6 touchdowns. It was a Hall of Fame worthy performance and the Giants didn’t even win.

So can the Giants beat the Saints in a shootout this weekend?

Here’s the tiny advantage the Giants might have: last season, the Saints went 7-1 at home and 4-4 on the road. The Saints stink when they leave their dome. I mean, the Giants were 3-13 last season so extrapolating from 2017 isn’t great but I’m grasping at straws and look at that, I found one.

Odell Beckham is DUE for a breakout game.

Yes, he’s getting some counting stats. 24 catches with 271 yards but he’s yet to cross the end zone. Law of averages would say, it’s time. I suspect to see a lot Beckham touchdown celebrations.

Real quick: How many teams in the NFL have a Saquon Barkley on the roster? One? Wait, just the New York Giants? Okay yea, then I have the Giants winning this game by a bajillion.

New Orleans defense is ranked 30th in the NFL. They are about to get LIT UP by Odell and Saquon. This Sunday is Eli Manning’s MVP game and the Giants are about to be 2-2 on the season looking to take the NFC East back.





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