Can The Kansas City Chiefs Win Back-To-Back Super Bowls?

The Kansas City Chiefs won Super Bowl LIV after an impressive second-half comeback by Patrick Mahomes—a quarterback who treats double-digit deficits the same way I treat stop signs at 1am and an even more impressive second-half meltdown by Kyle Shanahan—a coach who loves nothing more on this planet than blowing leads in the Super Bowl by refusing to run the football.

Las Vegas has opened up 2021 Super Bowl betting odds for the Chiefs at +650 which leads all 32 NFL teams but perhaps this is all a little too sudden and presumptuous.

Can the Kansas City Chiefs win back-to-back Super Bowls?

The New England Patriots and the Seattle Seahawks are the only two franchises to return to the Super Bowl in back-to-back seasons in the last 20 years so history is against the Chiefs. The sport is designed for new teams to compete every year. What the New England Patriots have been able to build is totally unprecedented and ultimately impossible to replicate.

It is going to take extraordinary luck for the Chiefs to return to the Promised Land. Are we really expecting all of their stars to remain healthy over the course of an NFL season? Patrick Mahomes missed two games this season nursing a dislocated knee. That could easily occur again and next time, it could be worse.

Tyreek Hill is the No. 1 wide receiver on this team. In 12 games, he caught 58 passes for 860 yards and 7 TDs. He’s also a wildcard who could be suspended any minute now for ragdolling his son like The Incredible Hulk when he gets his hands on Loki.

It’s also time to start paying guys like Patrick Mahomes who is 1000% about to sign the biggest contract in NFL history meaning that he’s about to soak up the entire salary cap which handicaps the team’s ability to pay for the talent around him.

The Chiefs defense stinks. Imagine how much worse that unit is going to be when they spend all their cash on Mahomes and they’re forced to let go of defensive end, Chris Jones, and his 9 sacks from last season.

Let’s also not pretend as if the defending champion, Lamar Jackson, is never to going to win a playoff game. The Baltimore Ravens were the best team in football last year and we should all be worried about Lamar coming back for blood.

So can the Chiefs win again?

Yea, probably. Football is weird and anything can happen. Shrug.gif.



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