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Can Conor McGregor Actually Beat Floyd Mayweather?

Conor McGregor vs. Floyd Mayweather might go down as one of the biggest boxing matches of this generation which says a lot about how awful boxing has been in this generation when the biggest boxing match involves a man who never throws punches and a man who has never boxed before. Sweet.

Everyone and their mothers are assuming that Floyd is going to win and it’s not even going to be close. I mean, he’s the greatest boxer in the world and McGregor is not about that life. It’s safe to say that McGregor is going in as one of the biggest underdogs ever.

But can Conor McGregor actually beat Floyd Mayweather?

Well yea, duh. To quote the great Kevin Garnett, “ANYTHING IS POSSIBLEEEE.” For starters, McGregor is 28-years old and Mayweather is 109.[1. or 40 or whatever.] Let’s not pretend like that’s not a factor. Mayweather’s prime is behind him and it hasn’t been exploited yet because his last fight was against another man who was also way past his prime. McGregor is in the peak of his physical career.

Let’s also remember that McGregor is a southpaw and lefties have given Floyd fits in the past. I mean, he’s still undefeated but still not the point. McGregor also has a longer wingspan than the guys Floyd is used to fighting anddd Floyd has been retired for two years.

Oh and let’s not forget that McGregor is fucking insane and he’s just a straight up winner. There is no one on Earth more confident than this man is. I would not be shocked if McGregor somehow found a way to enter Mayweather’s boxing ring and end his undefeated record.

But will Conor McGregor actually beat Floyd Mayweather? No.




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