Can Blake Griffin Save The Detroit Pistons?

On Thursday night, the Detroit Pistons defeated the Memphis Grizzlies 104-102. It was honestly way closer of a game than it probably should’ve been but the Pistons came out on top regardless. As it as written.

Blake Griffin has arrived in Detroit and with him came 24 points, 10 rebounds and 5 assists. Something light. Blake is the star that Detroit has never really had. Even when they were running the Eastern conference in the mid-2000’s, Chauncey Billups and Ben Wallace weren’t superstars. They were very good players surrounded by more very good players.

It’s safe to say that Griffin is better than Tobias Harris who was traded from Detroit and sent to Los Angeles. Tobias Harris is basically Carmelo Anthony-lite. Tobias is a great guy to have when the shot clock is running down and you need a quick shot. Griffin is truly a playmaker that makes players around him better.

He’s also a better defender than most power forwards. His footwork is great and he’s always in the right position. He gets to the foul line which is a great advantage for the Pistons as they can get the other team into the penalty sooner.

Andre Drummond is an all-star this season. He is one of the best centers in the NBA. But is he not a leader and inspiration in the locker room. Blake Griffin is a guy who can get the most out of young players like Stanley Johnson and Luke Kennard, who currently, SUCK.

Plus, I don’t know about guys like Anthony Tolliver but I know me. If I saw Blake’s girlfriend, Kendall Jenner, was suddenly courtside at all of my games, I’d start playing harder. I’d suddenly be in the MVP conversation if I saw Kendall Jenner pull out her phone to record a quick video on Instagram.

Can Blake Griffin Save The Detroit Pistons?


Stan Van Gundy should have never been given both the head coaching job and general manager position. Look at this weird ass roster he put together. Reggie Jackson and Ish Smith is not a backcourt that beats any team in a playoff series.



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