Can a Fast And Furious Movie Work Without Vin Diesel or Paul Walker?


When this Hobbs & Shaw spin-off movie was first introduced, there were mixed feelings. The Fast and Furious franchise was built on Paul Walker’s beautiful eyes and Vin Diesel mumbling and sipping Coronas.

Hobbs & Shaw appears to have none of that. But every time a new trailer is released, the more the chemistry between The Rock and Jason Statham jumps off the screen.

Jason Statham is a human snake on steroids from the United Kingdom. In a past life, he was the serpent that convinced Eve to eat the apple. He’s also the snake that hypnotized Mowgli in The Jungle Book. Now he’s Shaw. Long term storytelling >>>

The Rock is still the WWF Champion as far as I’m concerned. So seeing him in this trailer with all of his Samoan fam really grounded the Hobbs character in reality. That previous sentence is sarcastic.

That motherfucker flexed out of a cast in the last movie. Reality left in 2 Fast 2 Furious when we had to pretend like Paul Walker and Tyrese grew up in the hood together.

But can a Fast and Furious movie work without Vin Diesel and Paul Walker?

The heart of these movies isn’t Vin or Paul. These movies are about [extremely Dom Toretto voice] familia. Shaw is protecting his sister and Helen Mirren. Hobbs is in the Samoan Islands with the whole crew.

We don’t need Vin. I need Paul Walker but these movies don’t. No, all the Fast and Furious movies need is for the main character to repeat the word ‘family’ over and over again nonstop like Walter White in the final season of Breaking Bad.

Also, they need Idris Elba as Black Superman. Yooo, we need a Black Superman spin-off with Idris Elba. If I know the Fast and Furious movies like I think I know the Fast and Furious movies, Idris Elba will become their friends at the end and the three of them will blow up an entire city with zero consequences. Can’t wait.

RIP Paul Walker.

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