Byron Leftwich is Carson Palmer’s Quarterback Coach

“Mark my words: Byron Leftwich will be an NFL head coach,” says Arians, who got to know Leftwich when he was the offensive coordinator for the Pittsburgh Steelers in 2010 and 2011. “Byron has just got a mind for the game. Hell, he can coach my offense better than I can coach my offense, and I designed the damn thing!”

(Bleacher Report)

Byron Leftwich becoming Carson Palmer’s QB coach is a strange move. It’s the equivalent of JP Losman coming to the Giants to teach Eli Manning how to read a defense. It’s weird. But if Bruce Arians approves then you know it’s a smart move.

Bruce Arians has been labeled a quarterback whisperer so I assume that translates into quarterback coach whispering. But how do you think Carson Palmer feels about Leftwich coming in to correct his play? Leftwich arguably had the worst throwing mechanics when he played for the Jaguars. It took him 5 minutes just to get the ball out of his hands with his weird windmill throwing delivery. Can’t wait til he pulls Carson aside and shows him the ropes.

This will be an amazing experiment to watch unfold. I know for a fact if some loser I went to college with came into Deadseriousness and attempted to improve my writing I’d explode. I’d literally spontaneously combust but Carson Palmer doesn’t have the ego that I do. No one does. It’s why he’s in the NFL making millions and I’m writing about brides pulling out guns at their wedding. Life is crazy.


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