Bryce Harper is on a Mission To Make Baseball Fun Again

Opening Day should be one of the most exciting days of the year. It’s not. I’m of the camp that it should be a national holiday. Unfortunately, I’m in the minority with that opinion for one real reason. Baseball isn’t that fun anymore. Well Bryce Harper is going to change that.

Bryce Harper is the most entertaining player in baseball and he proved that as he hit a BOMB in his first at-bat of the 2016 season. Came out of the gates hot and was rocking a ‘make baseball fun again’ hat. Harper is on a mission from god to make baseball fun and so far he’s succeeding.

Baseball ballparks should be packed. You get to blackout on $11 beers, throw some bows in a scrum for a foul ball. Spit on the opposing pitcher’s wife. There is no reason why this game isn’t the number one sport in the world.

You know what? I’m going to join Harper in his mission. I’m making baseball fun again too. If anyone wants to join me, I will be shitfaced in the 400 bleacher seats at the New Yankee stadium just slurring my words and begging every security guard I make eye contact with to let me sit in the dugout next to Joe Girardi and call the defensive shifts.


Thanks for reading. Tweet to @TheLesterLee if you’re reading to join the cause. Let’s get baseball back on the map.


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