Bryce Harper vs. Hunter Strickland

Bryce Harper has had enough. Harper seems to get drilled by pitches once a week and is no longer down with that fufu lame shit. In the 8th inning of the Memorial Day game between the Washington Nationals and the San Francisco Giants, Giant pitcher, Hunter Strickland, plunked Harper on his first pitch thrown and war broke out.

But who won this battle?

It certainly wasn’t Bryce Harper. All respect to the man for defending himself and letting the world know that there are consequences to throwing pitches at him but like, you can’t attempt to throw your helmet at the pitcher and have it end up skating down the first base line. I mean like, you throw baseballs for a living.

Hunter Strickland landed a punch directly into Bryce’s nasal passages rocking his medulla oblongata. If I learned anything from the Star Wars prequels [1. Besides how to romance a young lady on Naboo.]it’s that having the high ground means anything and Bryce Harper blindly running up to the mound was destined for failure.

Quick shout out to Buster Posey for defending his pitcher by standing as far away as possible. I’m shocked he wasn’t hiding back on the team bus waiting for everything to cool down out there.




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