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Brock Holt Says He Stayed Out Of The Fight (That He Started) Because He Was Afraid of Aaron Judge and Giancarlo Stanton

If Brock Holt said this in jest, I would appreciate the jocularity. Because he made that statement with a completely straight face and legitimate fear of the Yankees would as a Yankees fan, I also appreciate.

BOOOO Brock. Don’t cry to Tyler Austin when he spikes you heading into second base if you don’t want that smoke. Holt is lucky that Joe Kelly stepped in as his Avatar and took the punishment that Holt deserved.

After watching Holt appear quite frightened, there is nothing I want more than to see Aaron Judge, Giancarlo Stanton and Tyler Austin snatch Holt’s lame ass geek goggles right off of his geek face and toss it around over his head chanting ‘keep away!’ and then stuffing him in his locker and taking his lunch money.

Fingers crossed that CC Sabathia catches Brock Holt in the parking lot tonight and gives him the hands.



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