Breanna Stewart is a Monster Who Will Embarrass You on a Basketball Court

Breanna Stewart is currently leading the Seattle Storm in the WNBA Playoffs and as I write this, the Storm are facing a Game 5 against the Phoenix Mercury in a winner-take-all elimination game and if the Storm want to make it to the WNBA finals, it’s going to be on the back of the 2018 MVP: Breanna Stewart.


Stewart scored the most points this season. I feel like I shouldn’t need to expound further but again, she scored the most points. Obviously there’s way more that goes into being the best player on a basketball court but being able to get the ball in the bucket whenever you feel like it is a rare ability that only a few players possess.


Breanna Stewart is 6’4 which makes her one of the bigger players in the league which gives her the opportunity to dominate smaller women in the paint. Her footwork is incredible and she always gets her spot on the block. When she wants to post up, she knows exactly where she wants to go to work and knows how to get the ball where she needs it to be most effective.

She’s also great at getting space. She reminds me of Carmelo Anthony during his Knicks run where he would catch the ball facing away from the basketball only to pivot and force the defender to jump back and give him space to shoot. She also has Carmelo’s sneaky little move where she takes a few steps forward as she catches a pass that allows her to get space from the defender without ever having to dribble once.


And we can’t not talk about this step back jumper that sends defenders into the front row. That stepback to the side she does while she’s driving to the basket is a deadly move as it’s impossible to defend. All of the defender’s momentum is going back towards the basket and then all of a sudden Breanna steps to the side and you can’t shift your momentum fast enough. You’re dead. Breanna Stewart murdered you and splashed a 3-pointer over your corpse.

She’s also an underrated passer and an all-around unselfish player so put her on a team with Sue Bird, the best point guard in WNBA history, and the Seattle Storm are a PROBLEM. Save yourself. Don’t step on a court with Breanna Stewart or she will devour. She can shoot from anywhere on the floor and she can hit you with that goofy Kristaps Porzingis-esque crossover and before you know it, she put 30 points on your head and the Seattle Storm custodians are mopping up your blood at midcourt.
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