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Guy Sues His Date Because She Was Texting During Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

A man is suing a Round Rock woman for texting during a movie date at the Barton Creek Square theater, according to a petition filed in small claims court in Travis County.

Brandon Vezmar, 37, of Austin filed the claim Thursday against his date. He is asking for $17.31, which was the price of the movie ticket to a 3D showing of “Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol. 2,” he told the American-Statesman Tuesday.

Vezmar, who has his own communications consulting company, said he met the woman online and went with her on their first date May 6 to the movie.

“It was kind of a first date from hell,” he said. About 15 minutes after the movie began, Vezmar said, his date started texting on her phone. “This is like one of my biggest pet peeves.”

In the petition, Vezmar said the woman “activated her phone at least 10-20 times in 15 minutes to read and send text messages.”

Vezmar said he asked her to stop but she refused. He said he told her that maybe she could go outside to text. She left the theater and never came back, Vezmar said.

She also left in her car, which they had driven to the theater, leaving Vezmar without a ride, he said. He said he texted her a few days later asking for the price of the ticket but she refused to pay it.

The woman said Tuesday she only texted on her phone in the theater two or three times.

“I had my phone low and I wasn’t bothering anybody,” she said. She was texting a friend, who was having a fight with her boyfriend, she said. “It wasn’t like constant texting.”

She said Vezmar had called her to ask her to pay him back for the movie ticket but she refused because “he took me out on a date.”

According to the petition, the texting was a “direct violation” of the theater’s policy and that his date “adversely” affected Vezmar’s viewing experience and that of other patrons.

“While damages sought are modest, the principle is important as defendant’s behavior is a threat to civilized society,” the petition said.

“I’m not a bad woman,” the woman told the Statesman. “I just went out on a date.”


I’m sooo team Brandon Vezmar and it’s not even close. As stated in the lawsuit, this woman is a ‘threat to civilized society’. I honestly don’t think paying the price of the ticket is enough of a punishment. This woman needs at least one solid year in prison for her behavior.

Now, I won’t pretend like I’ve never texted during a movie [1. but I always go to movies alone because I’m Charlie Brown in real life.] before but there are two circumstances in which it is completely unacceptable. One, if you’re on a date you need to keep your phone in your pocket. Whether you’re at dinner, a movie or a Verizon store, keep your phone away. So disrespectful. I’m right next to you, who the fuck else are you talking to right now?

Second, it’s Guardians of the Galaxy. Fine, the date isn’t going well and you’re not into the person you’re there with. I get it. It happens. But how dare you disrespect Chris Pratt.[2. AND Kurt Russell. disgusting behavior.] All he’s ever done is give and give. You better pay attention and watch him save the galaxy for the second time.

Again, I’m very much on this guy’s side but shout out to homegirl for ‘going outside to text’ and just never coming back even though she drove him there. Petty recognize petty. I mean, I hope she loses this lawsuit but still, power move. I assume she drove straight to some other guy’s house and 69ed on Vezmar’s grave.

But regardless, thank you Brandon Vezmar for saving society against these texting sirens trying to steal our $17.




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