Blake Griffin Will Never Be Happy

Last season we watched Blake Griffin drag the Detroit Pistons to the postseason on one leg.

The Milwaukee Bucks swept Detroit in the first round but it felt like the most physically grueling sweep of all time as Blake Griffin was limping up the court in agony because he couldn’t rest for a second or Jose Calderon would get volleyball spiked out of the gym by Giannis.

It’s all been downhill for Blake ever since the Los Angeles Clippers promised him a legacy with the organization. When Chris Paul left, Griffin was supposed to go down as the greatest Clipper ever. His jersey would be hanging from the rafters.

The NBA has (had?) a rule where you couldn’t re-sign a player to the max and immediately trade him. You had to wait until January of that year. The second it hit January, the Clippers sent his ass to Detroit with no notice or warning.

Blake Griffin was a free agent. He could’ve signed anywhere but he built a life in Los Angeles and decided to stay in Los Angeles because he trusted the organization. Sucker.

Now he plays in Detroit. Which is historically, not LA.

Now he’s stuck in Michigan busting his ass to keep Detroit above .500 while Reggie Jackson does everything in his power to lose games. Blake Griffin made third team All-NBA. He’s a Top 15 player in the league and was an MVP before his knees eroded over the course of the season.

Andddd now the Pistons let Wayne Ellington walk, the only three-point shooting the team had, to give Blake space on the court, and they’ve signed Derrick Rose.

Derrick fucking Rose.

If Blake Griffin is your star and you’re building a team around him, maybe don’t surround him with two point guards who can’t shoot.

Not only is Derrick Rose not looking to ever pass the ball, but he’s bad at passing. Rose never passes a player the ball in their shooter’s pocket. where they can catch the pass and directly shoot. It’s almost always a pass at their feet.

Glass half full, perhaps Rose can come off the bench and give the Pistons some scoring so that Blake doesn’t have to score all 90 points.

Glass empty, it’s Derrick Rose and it’s 2019 so a 2-year deal is a black hole.

I guess the good news for Blake Griffin is that Ben Simmons isn’t banging his ex anymore.

OH, and Derrick Rose is a rapist.

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