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Would a Blake Griffin For Carmelo Anthony Trade Make Sense?

As I write this article, I know that there are three truths in this universe: 1. The Clippers can’t win with their current roster. 2. Blake Griffin isn’t staying on the Clippers 3. The Knicks stink. As long as three truths remain throughout the entire offseason, there will always be a chance that the Clippers trade Blake Griffin for Carmelo Anthony.

But would a Blake Griffin for Carmelo Anthony trade make sense?

From the Los Angeles perspective, Doc Rivers and the Clippers organization need to look to blow this team up. This current roster has blown a playoff series lead in 5 straight postseasons. These guys are all just missing that last gear to get them over the edge and the honeymoon is long over. Time for the divorce.

Blake Griffin is the man that needs to go. I’m pretty sure he is the least liked guy on that team, besides the coach’s son who should probably be in the D-League chillin 1. Remember when he punched the trainer in the face at a team dinner and broke his hand. Yea, there is no way that anyone enjoys being around Blake.

Speaking of a player that no one likes being around, it is obvious that Carmelo Anthony and Phil Jackson do not like each other. I think Carmelo Anthony will most likely stay on the Knicks and continue to be miserable for the rest of his life just to spite Jackson 2 unless he gets traded to the Clippers to play with his old pal Chris Paul. 3

Most teams can’t afford Carmelo’s contract and most don’t want to. The Clippers could if it involved trading Blake and with Griffin’s health issues and the fact that they clearly need a second ball dominant player to take the pressure off Chris Paul, this is the ideal move for both teams.

The Clippers get a real scoring threat for 82 games. The Knicks get a new punching bag to run to the ground and get in Kristaps Porzingis way. This is perfect.





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  1. also wouldn’t be shocked if no one liked Raymond Felton. Just sayin
  2. and to beg Lala for forgiveness
  3. banana boat > everything

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