Bill Cosby’s Lawyers Just Want To Remind Everyone That Cosby is Super Blind

Bill Cosby’s eyesight became the focus of a court hearing Wednesday, with defense lawyers arguing he is too blind to recognize his accusers — and prosecutors saying his vision report looks like it came from “a LensCrafters at the mall.”

Cosby’s attorneys submitted a report that says he has glaucoma in both eyes to the Pennsylvania judge presiding over his sexual abuse case. Prosecutors said it was meaningless.

Cosby’s vision is an issue because the defense claims that in the 11 years it took for prosecutors to bring charges against him, his eyesight deteriorated so much that he can’t assist in his defense.

“In the materials the prosecution has turned over…there are photographs. Mr. Cosby cannot look at a photograph,” defense lawyer Angela Agrusa said in court. “He can’t tell you what is in that picture.”

(NBC News)

Anytime I see something new pop up in the Bill Cosby case, I have to write about it. This is the most fascinating case on the planet right now. We have two presidential candidates currently being investigated for shitloads of fraud and the only investigation that matters here at Deadsersiousness HQ is Cosby slipping Mickey’s in chicks orange juice and sucking their toes.

Cosby’s lawyers are working overtime to remind everyone that Cosby is blind as shit so he can’t actually see photos of the women he drugged and penetrated. Looks like his innocent because karma snatched his vision like, 24 hours before the trial.




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