Bernie Sanders vs. Elizabeth Warren: This Is All Bullshit

There is a report this week that Bernie Sanders told Elizabeth Warren in 2018 that he did not believe a woman could become president in America and now we have a war between Bernie and Liz supporters.

In a private meeting discussing the future of the Democratic party and the 2020 election, apparently Bernie just completely dismissed Elizabeth’s desire to run and told her that a woman could not win the election.

On Monday, Liz basically confirmed the report and Bernie obviously denied it.

This is all mega dumb and impossible to talk about properly because there’s a massive suspension of disbelief needed to go along with Liz’s story that Bernie told her a woman couldn’t be president.

On one hand, I am not naive enough to find it unfathomable that a man who is nearly 80 years old doesn’t suffer from misogynist thoughts.

Nothing about Bernie Sanders is particularly nice. He seems constantly agitated and annoyed by the fact that he even has to be in the same room as the other candidates but in his defense, I would feel the same way if I had to spend more than 0 seconds pretending to like Mayor Pete.

It would not shock me at all if Bernie told Liz that a woman couldn’t win the presidency. Let’s also realize that Bernie isn’t the only man (or woman) who believes that and it actually says less about whether or not he has faith in Liz Warren but it’s more indicative of his lack of faith in American voters to put aside their own biases and elect a menstruator.

THAT BEING SAID, Elizabeth Warren is a weirdo who lies about unnecessary inconsequential nonsense. I’ve already said my piece about her Native American heritage and although I do believe that as a young woman she believed she was ‘mixed’ but it’s nuts for a woman in her 70’s to just come to terms with the fact that’s she super white when uh, she’s so clearly super white.

We’re getting down to the home stretch of these primaries. Liz is falling behind Bernie. Desperate people make desperate decisions. Elizabeth decided to throw the ‘Bernie is sexist’ hail mary in order to win the favor of female voters who were on the fence.

It’s too transparent to not question her and yes I know ‘believe all women’ and all that jazz but this is sketchy as hell. The ‘sources’ that confirmed this story weren’t in the meeting with Bernie and Liz. They were told by Elizabeth afterward. I’d argue that their confirmation doesn’t really matter all too much.

But all this bullshit was inevitable, I reckon. I’m not opposed to candidates bringing up each other’s old dirt. In fact, it’s annoying that these people aren’t going harder on the fact that Joe Biden is a racist who made it his mission in life to arrest as many people as possible.

Bringing up someone’s questionable legislative history is one thing. Painting someone as sexist because of something said in a private meeting where no one can confirm or deny the claim except for the person making the claim, is strange.

Both Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren are sociopaths.

Anyone who runs for president of an entire country has some weird shit rattling in their brain. Bernie Sanders could’ve looked in a woman’s face and told her she would never be president and Elizabeth Warren could’ve made it up to rally female voters.

This is all bullshit.

Removing the people involved in this story—if you just look at the comments that were made about a woman’s inability to win the presidency—they are idiotic and archaic. Especially coming off the 2016 election where Hillary Clinton literally won the popular vote. We’ve seen it happen.

But it’s safe to say that the next debate will be about these comments and not about policy so congrats to CNN or whatever network is hosting the debates. You’re going to get your ratings. Voters, however, are about to waste two hours of our life watching a Bernie Sanders Elizabeth Warren “HOLD ME BACK” off.

This is all bullshit.






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