Before He Gets Swept The Fuuuuuck Out Here, Damian Lillard Wants You To Know His Ribs Hurt

Two weeks ago Damian Lillard hit the series-winning 60-foot jumper in Paul George’s face and waved goodbye to the Oklahoma City Thunder. Two weeks ago might as well be two years ago because fast forward to Portland’s current series against a Kevin Durant-less Warriors and Damian Lillard is out here looking like Monta Ellis.

Lillard is currently shooting 32% against Golden State this series. Lillard has made 15 shots in the entire series. 15 shots. 14 turnovers and 15 made shots. My man is out here playing like Jordan Clarkson.

But it’s not Lillard’s fault that he suddenly has no idea how to play basketball. His ribs hurt, guys. Cut him some slack.

This is like last season when LeBron broke his hand after game 1 and never once mentioned it until they lost the series and he immediately showed up in a hand cast except Lillard is jumping the gun a bit.

You have to let Golden State dominate and then go to the final press conference in a hospital bed with an IV in your arm and a heart monitor but just talk normally as if you aren’t wearing a hospital gown.

If the Blazers get swept tonight, it’s not Lillard’s fault. His ribs don’t feel good.

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