Do the Atlanta Falcons Have a Chance to Beat the New England Patriots?

The New England Patriots will head to Houston as three-point favorites to win Super Bowl LI.

Oddsmakers installed Tom Brady and Co. as favorites over the Atlanta Falcons before the AFC Championship Game had ended Sunday.

The total for the game, 58, is the highest in Super Bowl history, a testament to the two team’s dynamic offenses.



The New England Patriots have clearly been the best team in the NFL all season and probably would’ve easily went undefeated if Tom Brady didn’t force those weird trainers to let some air out of the balls because he little hands couldn’t grip the pigskin on a rainy day against the Colts. Shout out Jacoby Brissett for having no business being on a professional football field this year.

The Patriots enter the Super Bowl as a 3 point favorite over the Atlanta Falcons. Here’s the thing about Atlanta, they just devoured the Green Bay Packers 44-21 in a game that was a blowout by the end of the 1st quarter.

Matt Ryan carved up the Packers secondary going 27-38 with 293 passing yards and throwing for 4 touchdowns. It was an absolute bloodbath in Atlanta this weekend. Matt Ryan was sneaky the best quarterback in the NFL winning All-Pro honors and will probably end up with the MVP trophy.

Having said all of that, do the Atlanta Falcons have a chance to beat the New England Patriots in the Super Bowl?


New England eat, sleeps and breathes championships. The entire city of Atlanta has won only one single championship between four major sports. In 168 seasons, only the 1995 Atlanta Braves have brought home a chip.

If the Falcons relocate literally anywhere else between now and the Super Bowl then I think they win by a bajillion points. As long as they stay in Atlanta, they won’t be winning this game.





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