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Atlanta Braves Cut Jose Bautista. Lester: 1, Jose Bautista: 0

Jose Bautista has been my enemy from the first moment he put on a Toronto Blue Jays jersey in 2008. It’s been a long decade of hate but it appears to have finally come to an end as the Atlanta Braves cut Bautista effectively ending his major league career. I’m smiling ear to ear as I type this.

Here’s what Atlanta Braves general manager, Alex Anthopoulos, said about moving on from this sucker:

“We decided as a group that we’re going to give Camargo a shot here, give him a run as the everyday guy,” Anthopoulos said. “As we looked at it, just knowing there wasn’t going to be at-bats for Jose, that’s not fair to him. So we talked to him last night, just talked it over and said, ‘Hey, we’re going to go with Camargo,’ and tried to decide what the best thing for him and his career was.”


Wow, who could’ve predicted this? Bautista was batting .143 with 2 home runs and 5 RBIs. All-Star caliber numbers. Shocking that Atlanta would decide to move on for a younger talent. Really thought he was going to add a 4th Silver Slugger Award to his mantle. Nope.

For a refresher on why I hate this guy, it might have something to do with his 116 career hits against the New York Yankees to go along with 36 career homers including a 2014 All-Star season where he hit .283 with 8 homers. Feels like yesterday, honestly. I’m sick just thinking about it. Sick.

Yea, I’m geniunely happy to see this man’s livelihood and life’s passion come to end. I will be sleeping like a baby tonight knowing that the last domino to fall is Josh Donaldson but I’m too worried because my Josh Donaldson voodoo doll is like, STUFFED with pins and needles. My man is probably in sooo much pain right now, probably.




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