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Apparently The New York Yankees Are Interested in Troy Tulowitzki Sooo This is the Worst Offseason Ever

Nick Cafardo of The Boston Globe reports that the Yankees are monitoring the Tulowitzki situation. One AL executive told Cafardo that teams are still waiting to see how well Tulowitzki gets around after heel issues kept him out for the entire 2018 season.

We’d have to see him work out,” the executive said. “I haven’t heard of any plans like that so far but for teams to feel comfortable that he can play any infield position, we’d have to see how he moves.”


The Toronto Blue Jays decided to swallow Troy Tulowitzki’s massive contract because he was so bad and injury prone that they couldn’t even find a trade partner.

And now the New York Yankees are interested in acquiring the infield version of Jacoby Ellsbury.

What are we doing here?

Bryce Harper and Manny Machado are two of the best free agents to come available in years and the Yankees are flirting with Tulowitzki and will probably bring back Shane Robinson for some reason.

Machado and Harper are both 26 years old. So far the Yankees have signed 35-year old Brett Gardner, 36-year old JA Happ and 38-year old CC Sabathia. 

What are we DOING?

Should I be excited about acquiring James Paxton, a starting pitcher who had only made 25+ starts once in his entire career? That’s the move that suddenly makes the Yankees better than the Red Sox?

If the Yankees sign Troy Tulowitzki while the Phillies sign Manny Machado, I need Brian Cashman to personally Venmo me all of that International Pool Money he got last year.

Troy fucking Tulowitzki? WHAT ARE WE DOING HERE? Congrats on the AL East pennant, Boston. You win by default.




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