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Another Female Rapper Has Success So Of Course Azealia Banks Crawls Out of Her Dumpster To Throw Shade


How do you know when a female rapper hits true commercial success? When Azealia Banks crawls out of the sewers to the local McDonald’s to use their free wi-fi in order to rant on Twitter about the ‘music industry’ which is a thing that barely exists in 2017.

Cardi B has the number one track on the Billboard hit’s list and I’ve said it once and I’ll say it forever, Bodak Yellow should be our National Anthem. I’d like to think this Banks rant is an exact response to me.

If you think she’s making some good points, you have to remember to completely cancel out everything she’s saying the second she says that ‘black men in hip hop’ should have put her on. Shout out to her for thinking she deserves to be in the same conversation with Nicki Minaj and Remy Ma.

Expect an Azealia diss track to pop up deep deep on Soundcloud that no one will listen to while Cardi, the most likable human in the music industry right now, continues to dominate the radio and drops a track with like, Drake. Can’t wait.



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