An Ode To Chennedy Carter: Queen of Buckets

Texas A&M made it to the Sweet Sixteen. It was a wild ride. But unfortunately, that wild ride came to an end on Saturday afternoon. They took that L from Notre Dame in an 87-80 finish to end their March Madness. He wept.

But Texas A&M went done swinging.

Enter Chennedy Carter: Queen of Buckets.

Chennedy had 16 first-half points and single-handedly kept A&M in a close game with the defending National Champions. She would end the game with 35 points but Texas A&M was sent home.

No one in the country has a more dangerous pull up jumper. Whenever she pulls into a 3, it’s an automatic bucket. Regardless of whether she’s wide open or if there’s a hand in her face, the ball is going through the net.

She effortless turns the corner on screens and perfectly pins her defender behind as she drives to the basket. All of her motions are fluid. It’s effortless for her.

But what makes Chennedy Carter the biggest star in college basketball is the fact that she’s a massive asshole.

She’ll shoot a 3 over you and then shimmy in your face. She talks shit every time she beats a girl off the dribble. She’ll make a shot and turn to the opponents’ bench and simply give them a look like ‘this is who you sent out here to guard ME?’.

She’s also the type of player who gets frustrated when her shots aren’t falling because just like me at home watching, she can’t fathom the idea that one of her jumpers didn’t fall.

Typically that leads to her fouling on the other end for no reason and checking out of the game mentally and I respect that. When you’re the GOAT, you don’t concern yourself with sheep. I might have gotten the animals in that analogy incorrect but you get the point.

Chennedy Carter is out there playing amongst peasants. She doesn’t concern herself with ‘sportsmanship’. Sportsmanship is for the 12th (white) guy on the bench who is on the team because his dad is friends with the head coach and the coach is doing him a solid.

Chennedy Carter is the best baller in the country and she behaves as such. We shall all wait patiently until your return to the tournament next year.

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