America Drops The Biggest Non-Nuclear Bomb on Afghanistan (World War III TBD)

This just goes with my theory that Thursday is the worst day of the week. It always feels like a Friday but it’s just not. You still have work tomorrow and your anxious all day long. Thursdays suck. Well, imagine having a crappy Thursday in Afghanistan when all of a sudden the ‘Mother of all Bombs’ blocks out the sun for a second before it melts your entire city.

Paint me ignorant here but I could’ve sworn we were down with Afghanistan nonsense but nope, America is just casually dropping the biggest non-nuclear bomb ever on an ISIS terrorist cave because a regular ass bomb wouldn’t have been enough.

Remember when Donald Trump campaigned about staying isolated from foreign conflicts? Remember that ‘America First’ bullshit? Well he’s dropped bombs on Syria and Afghanistan in a 10-day span. He’ll focus on America First, later.

I didn’t have any real big summer plans this year but it seems as though I will most likely be drafted into World War III by the end of the week soooo vacation to the Middle East. Yay. So many Instagram Likes.

Although in America’s defense I will say this: Fuck ISIS.




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